Saturday, October 16, 2010

Banjhakri Falls Sikkim Tourist Attractions

Bakthang Falls is different!
An important tip for Sikkim tourists: don't let the guides fool you into taking you to the wrong Banjhakri Falls!! There is another falls with a similar name, the Bakthang Waterfalls (see photo alongside).

The Bakthang Waterfalls are pretty to look at, but absolutely nothing compared to the Banjhakri Falls.

Full name: Ban Jhakri Falls Energy Park (this is the name you must tell your guide/driver)

Location: 4kms from the city of Gangtok

Entry Ticket

The word Banjhakri refers to the forest priest (ban means primitive; jhakri meaning shaman/priest). The Ban Jhakri Falls Energy Park in Sikkim has life-like figures of these shamans and, of course, the lovely cascading waterfall. The park has got well laid out walking trails and gazebos dot the green landscape. Kids especially will love the splash pool dominated by a dragon. Unique floral species are a visual treat all over the park. There is also a cafeteria in the exhibition center to drive away hunger pangs. Angling enthusiasts can find out about the fishing spots along the stream which runs merrily through the Ban Jhakri Falls Energy Park.

See the photos of the  Ban Jhakri Falls Energy Park below and make sure you visit on your trip to Gangtok!
In keeping with the theme of being an Energy Park, the footbridge has solar panels along its walls

Footbridges and Gazebos dot the green landscape of the Ban Jhakri Falls Energy Park

Closeup view of one of the Gazebos in the park

Waterfall cascading down on happy tourists

Water gently flowing down stone steps in front of foot bridge

Water tumbling over boulders

Initiation of boy by forest priest (banjhakri)

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