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Visiting Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

Even if you are making a short trip to Hyderabad, you absolutely must squeeze in at least 2 hours to visit the extraordinary Salar Jung Museum. Of course, to see the entire museum, 2 hours is just not enough!

Part of the entry ticket to the museum
 Before you visit 3 hot tips:
  • Photographs strictly not allowed anywhere inside the premises. You will have to leave your camera/video-cam at the cloak room near the ticket booking counter.
  • As soon as you enter, you will see a souvenirs shop where you can buy postcards, keychains, coasters, pen holders, etc. Buy right away if you wish - do not keep it for the end of your museum tour, as you will not be allowed to come back around inside to enter!
  • Don't throw away the other half of your entry ticket which is given back after the perforated part is taken before you enter - it has a mini-map layout of  the locations of the galleries in the Salar Jung museum, so it will help you to quickly locate the specific sections you wish to see.
Sections of the museum on rear part of entry ticket - as stated on it, you can use it as a bookmark!

Salar Jung Museum Review
Since there are more than 30 galleries, spread over 3 blocks - Indian, Western, and Eastern - if you are short of time, here's a list of sections which you  absolutely must not miss:
1. Salar Jung Museum Clocks: As soon as you enter the museum on the ground floor there is a viewing gallery where you will see a clock on a pedestal. Another clock which you must rush to see if the hour is  going to strike is the Salar Jung museum musical clock in the European Clocks Gallery in Room No. 4, Western Block, 1st floor. When the hour strikes, a tiny man pops out and strikes a gong the same number of times as the hour.
2. Jade Gallery: This is Room No. 28 in the main building on the first floor. Here, do read the info given about jade - It is made of 3 minerals – Jadeite, Nephrite and Chloromenalite. In Europe, there is a version of Jade that is Agate. Agate of alternative black and white bands is Onyx. Nephrite Jade was in use in China for past 3000 years. Jade carving developed in India during Mughal rule.
What to see: Backscratchers (those long stick-like implements to scratch the parts of your back you can’t reach!!!) made of Agate, Jambia (daggers) reputed to have been used by Noorjehan and Jahangir. 
3. Arms and Armour Gallery: This  is Room No.14 in the main building on the ground floor. Weaponry, fire-arms and even gunpowder containers are displayed here.
What to see: Sword of Salar Jung III encrusted with uncut diamonds from Jaipur and a curved sword (Abbasi) presented by Viceroy & Governor General of India Earl Canning to Nawab Salar Jung I in 1858 A.D. 
4. European Paintings Gallery: This is Room No.1, Western Block, 1st floor. 
What to see: Last hour of Marie Antoinette by Charles Muller; Gossip by EV Blass – 1845-1932; and Scolding.
5. European Porcelain Gallery: This is Room No.5, Western Block, 1st floor.
What to see: Sevres Porcelain - 1800-1814; Wedgwood Pottery of the 18th century; Dresden Porcelain of the 18th Century; Lovely porcelain figurines of Napoleon made in Germany; Souvenir Porcelains commemorating the British and Prussian victory over Napoleon in Waterloo in 1815. 
6. Egyptian Gallery: This is Room No. 26, Central Block, 1st floor. Don't miss seeing the throne of Tutankhamen (of course, it is a replica!)

 Entrance Ticket Fees of Salar Jung Museum
  • General public: Rs.10/- 
  • Students with identity cards: 50% concession. 
  • Armed Forces personnel in uniform, organized Kisan parties, children below 12 years: 50% concession. 
  • Foreign visitors: Rs. 150/-
  • Children's Week (14th to 20th November every year) school children upto 12 years of age accompanied by teachers: free entry.
  • Museum Week (8th - 14th January every year) general public: concession in the entrance ticket.
Timings of Salar Jung Museum: 10a.m. to 5pm.

Holidays when Salar Jung Museum will be closed
  • Milad Un Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)
  • Holi
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar's Birthday
  • Salar Jung Death Anniversary (May 5th)
  • Idu’l Fitr (Ramzan)
  • Dassehra
  • Idu’l Zuha (Bakrid)
  • Muharram
Map Location of Salar Jung Museum

View salarjungmuseum in a larger map

Address and Phone Numbers of Salar Jung Museum
Salar Jung Museum
Hyderabad - 500 002
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Ph: 91 040 24576443/ 91 040 24523211, 13 Ext: 301
Fax: 040-24572558
Email of Salar Jung Museum:

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